Your Questions about Joint Replacement Answered

If you’re thinking about undergoing joint replacement surgery in London , then there are probably a range of questions that you want answering to put your mind at ease. Whether you want to know more about the operation itself, or find out about how to look after your new joints, we’ve answered some of the things that we get asked on a regular basis.

What Happens During Surgery?  

If you’re looking into having an operation on your hip, then you probably want to know what the procedure involves. Here at Joint Replacement Surgery, we offer minimally invasive hip replacement where possible, but the actual approach will be discussed during your consultation. If you qualify for this type of operation, it means that we insert the hip prosthesis of choice through an incision that is generally less than 10cms. As a result, there’s much less muscle cutting and more muscle splitting than with a conventional approach.   The benefits of this method are that there’s less blood loss, a faster recovery time, and a more Cosmetic-friendly scar.   If it’s a knee that you’re enquiring about, then implants are used to replace the part of the joint that’s diseased. This may involve replacing part of the knee with a Uni Knee Implant or replacing all of the joint surface, with a total Knee Replacement.

What Happens After Surgery?  

After your hip or knee replacement, you will need to follow the advice that your doctor gives you. We’ve laid out some of the tips that we recommend here , but your surgeon will give you more guidance and talk you through what you need to do after you’ve had your surgery.

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Will My Surgery Be Successful?  

Risks such as infection or blood clots are rare (affecting between 12% of patients). As long as you follow the aftercare instructions that you’ve been given, then it’s likely that your operation will be a success. For more information about the risks, please look at our guidance pages for hips and knees.

Other Frequently Asked Questions?  

A lot of people have similar worries and queries, so you’re never alone. If there’s something else that you’d like to ask a professional, the best thing to do is book a consultation with an experienced and qualified doctor.   Here at Joint Replacement Surgery, Miss Samantha Z. Tross is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with years of experience.   If you have anything that you’d like an expert to answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 07943 947 639 and a member of our team will be happy to help.