Knee Replacement Surgery in London

The Normal Knee

This is a hinge joint. It is lined by articular cartilage and has two fibro-cartilage structures (menisci) which lead to enhanced stability, transfer of joint forces and nutrition of the joint. Stability is further achieved by the cruciate ligaments in the centre and collateral ligaments at the periphery of the joint, as well as surrounding muscles.

The Diseased Knee

Wear of the articular cartilage occurs because of a natural aging process or secondary to an underlying disease or trauma. The common conditions leading to joint degeneration are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Cartilage is not seen on an x-ray. A space will be seen instead between the femur and tibia. Wearing of the cartilage will present with a loss of this natural space, when viewed on xray.

Knee surgery in London may be needed if a worn joint presents with pain, swelling and restricted movement. There may also be a feeling of instability and noticeable deformity.

Knee Replacement Surgery Information

Knee Replacement Overview

Knee Replacement Procedure

Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery

Post-Operative Considerations

Pre-Operative Considerations

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