Post-operative Considerations

Post Operative Considerations of Knee Replacement Surgery

On returning to the ward following surgery you will have a drip (intravenous infusion) , a catheter, nasal tongs to give you oxygen and a device for self administration of analgesia. There may be a drain in situ to collect any blood collecting in your surgical wound.

Blood Transfusions

This is avoided wherever possible though will sometimes be necessary.


Generally begins the day of surgery. This involves exercises both in and out of the bed as well as mobilisation. Mobilisation initially commences with a Zimmer frame before progressing to crutches and then to sticks. On discharge you may be mobilising with sticks or independently.

Exercises will be advised that you need to perform regularly on discharge. Examples of some exercises can be viewed on my APP  (Patient Journey App. Provider: Joint Replacement Surgery, Procedure: Knee Replacement Surgery).

Not all surgical packages include the fees for crutches and walking aids. Check with the hospital prior to admission.

Occupational Therapy

You will see the Occupational therapist who will recommend equipment to assist you with your day to day activities. This may include raised toilet seat, grasper, long handled shoehorn, bath seat etc.

Special Advice Following Knee Replacement Surgery

It takes at least three months to make a recovery following Total Knee Replacement Surgery

01. Kneeling

Do not kneel on your knee post operatively for at least three months.

02. Driving

This can commence once you can bend your knee more than 90 degrees and are sufficiently pain free to perform an emergency stop safely.

03. Exercises

It is very important that you perform the exercises advised by the Physiotherapist regularly. These are designed to strengthen the muscles around the knee and improve the range of movement.

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