F.A.Q. – Knee Replacement Surgery

How long will I be in Hospital?

On average 4-5 days. This will depend on how fit you were before surgery and if you have any other arthritic joints. Some patients will take a little longer to get going.

What is the prosthesis made of?

Cobalt Chrome and Titanium. The is also a polyethylene insert on the tibial side.

How soon can I drive?

As soon as you can sit comfortably in the car with the knee flexed and pain satisfactorily controlled.

Can I get back to normal activity?

Although the Knee Replacement will improve your pain and function, a full return to normal activity may not be possible in all cases. Please enquire with me prior to the procedure.

How long will the prosthesis last?

The Total Knee Replacements that I use should last at least 10-15 years and hopefully longer. Unicompartmental knee replacements have a documented survival of 70-90% at 10 years. The survival of the prosthesis is dependent on many factors such as initial deformity, activity levels and body habitus.

Can I have both joints replaced at the same time?

Yes you can and patients with severe deformity in both knees are better off with this procedure. However this is associated with higher risks than a single joint replacement. Your medical health would need to be considered before proceeding with this option.