The Myths and Facts of Arthritis

Before we go any further, from everybody here at Joint Replacement Surgery in London, we’d like to wish you all a very happy New Year! As we enter 2016, we hope that you and your joints are well rested after the festive period and ready for the year ahead.

Instead of leaping into the New Year with myths of arthritis looming over your heads, we thought we’d take this moment to clear up some of the myths about this joint disease.

Myth #1: All Arthritis is the Same

Fact: This can’t be further from the truth. There are many different types of arthritis which can all have negative effects on your joint. Two of the most common forms of arthritis are Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA). RA is an autoimmune disease which occurs when your body registers the soft lining around your joints as a foreign body and starts to attack it. The attack causes fluid accumulation around the joint making them stiff and sore. OA, on the other hand, is a degenerative disease which specifically attacks joints in the hands and fingers and occasionally in the hips and knees. This form of arthritis occurs when the cartilage around the joint has been worn away making it painful and sore to move.


Myth #2: All Joint Pain is Related to Arthritis

Fact: Not all joint pain is arthritis. Injuries or trauma to a joint can result in the soft tissue surrounding the joint to suffer and, if not properly rehabilitated can cause prolonged pain and stiffness in the joint. Sore Knee - iStock_000020264343_Medium

Myth #3: Only Heat is Good for Sore Joints

Fact: Heat on your joints is greatly beneficial for softening up the muscles surrounding your joints. However, if you wish to reduce the inflammation around your joints, applying ice to the area can greatly help to ease it. Ice Cubes- iStock_000014258986_Full

Myth #4: Exercising Only Worsens Arthritis

Fact: This isn’t true. Though there is no cure for arthritis, exercising in moderation helps to ease the stress and pain in your joints. If you’ve suffered a joint injury or if your joints are recovering from a trauma, proper rehabilitation is needed before any strenuous exercise is undertaken. Knee pain

Myth #5: Cracking Your Knuckles Leads to Arthritis

Fact: There is no scientific evidence to prove that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis. The force of cracking your joints creates a negative pressure which pulls nitrogen into the joints temporarily. It can also sound when tendons are pulled over tissue when you move. As long as cracking is painless, you’ve nothing to worry about. If, however, you find cracking your knuckles hurts, visit your GP and ask for advice, as there could be an underlying problem. arthritis - iStock_000046811698_Medium

If you’re a long time sufferer from arthritis, your GP might recommend joint replacement surgery as an option for easing the pain in your joints. Miss Samantha Z. Tross is a skilled and professional joint replacement surgeon specialising in hip and knee replacement.

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