F.A.Q. – Hip Replacement Surgery

How Long Will I Be In Hospital?

On average 4 days. This will depend on how fit you were before surgery and if you have any other arthritic joints. Some patients will take a little longer to get going.

Will I Be Able To Get Around When I Get Home?

Yes. Prior to leaving hospital, the physiotherapist will ensure you are able to walk safely and can manage the stairs. On discharge you may still be using crutches. Special precautions such as using a raised seat will need to be taken in the first three months after surgery.

How Long Will The Surgery Take?

Usually 1- 1.5 hours surgery time. The anaesthetist needs to make you ready for surgery beforehand however and also you will take time to come round after surgery.

How Long Before I Can Drive?

Usually by 10- 12 weeks. Initially a cushion or seat raise is recommended.

Can I Have A Normal Sex Life After Hip Replacement?

Yes, though the risk of dislocation is present at extreme ranges of motion.

Can I Have A Normal Birth After Hip Replacement?

Yes this is definitely possible. You must inform your Obstetrician you have a joint replacement in place. Fortunately most women undergoing hip replacement surgery are past their child bearing years.

If Both My Hips Are Arthritic, Can I Have Surgery On Both At The Same Time?

Though this is possible, I do not recommend it as the risk of dislocation and excess bleeding is increased. Ideally surgery should be at least 10-12 weeks apart.